• @Theresa Neal - Facebook

    FSMF makes awesome wax and bath products! Each product makes my house smell great. Will buy from again!

  • @Kiri Frost - Facebook

    Great products by a great creator!

  • @Logan Marlena - Facebook

    The smells, the colors, the all around experience - I love every single thing about FSMF!

  • @andromeda_tonks6 - Instagram

    Buying from FSMF, you get 100% high end quality products made with passion. Their bath bombs & waxes are my favorite! Their scent combos sometimes sound wild but believe me, they're always banging! Their nail polish is amazing - I wear it on almost a daily basis.

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Small Batch, Big Quality

Established 2016, FSMF specializes in quality handmade products using only the best ingredients. Small Batch, Cruelty Free, & 100% Handmade in House.