August 2021 News & Updates

August 2021 News & Updates

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There's been a lot of changes, experimentation, etc this summer. This is the first summer in our 5 years in business that we have been unable to make solid bath bombs due to the climate. Unfortunately, extreme heat and humidity are a bath bombs ultimate enemy. We're hoping things start changing soon so we can bring you more bath bombs! Until then, we still have other amazing bath and self care products available, such as bath bombs in bags, bubble bars, whipped soaps and scrubs, shower gels, and more!

This summer we also introduced a couple new items - press-on nail sets and nail polish! We are super stoked to be doing more with cosmetics and hope to expand more into makeup in the future. 

Unfortunately with the lack of being able to make bath bombs alongside Covid-19 completely ravaging small businesses and artists, combined with social media suppressing content, this has been a very hard summer for us. There have been times we have considered shutting down due to the decline in sales, but we're trying our best to stay affordable and open until it's no longer sustainable. A huge thank you to those who have continued to order and keep us in business! You have no idea how much your orders mean to us. 

With that said, in hopes of opening up new avenues of customer acquisition, we have decided to reopen our Etsy! There are ups and downs to ordering from each site. Here's a breakdown!


-Will not have bath and body products as of right now; only home fragrance, cosmetics, press-on nails sets, polish, etc. 

-Does not offer Afterpay or Sezzle, but DOES offer Klarna. 

-No rep codes, but there are discount codes and sales! Check out our weekly Featured Product sale; 4 products chosen around a theme, marked down 10%. 

-All orders over $35 ship FREE! 


-Rep codes available to use, but no Featured Product Sales and no Free Shipping.

-All types of products available for purchase rather than limited selections on Etsy. 

-Sezzle, Afterpay, & Shop Payments, but no Klarna 

-Fo Shizzle After Dark Line will be Shopify Exclusive 

Depending on how things play out, some of these things may change in the future. If Etsy starts bringing in more sales, I will likely move bath and body products over to Etsy and run Fo Shizzle both independently and on their marketplace. 

Our Etsy link is:

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