Feeling The Love

Feeling The Love

Hello, Fo Shizzle Fam!

We've had a great start to the new year with a successful Valentines Day / Anti Valentines Day Release! The once a month restocks will DEFINITELY be way more less stressful than past restocks. I was able to gauge a lot off of this first one of the year, so this is what my plans are moving forward:

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs didn't sell out nearly as quickly this time around since I was able to make A LOT more batches this time around. I WILL be making a few extra batches this next time around just to have even more done for you guys! 

Bubble Bars

I double batched my bubble bars this time around, but I will be doubling the amount i did this time around for the next. Bubble bars seemed to sell the fastest this past release! Taking more time to get even more of these done from here on out.

Whipped Soaps/Scrubs

I made double the usual amount of scrubs, but only had time to make 1 type of whipped soap this time around. Because of that, the whipped soap sold out pretty quickly so I'll be allowing much more time to get more of these done in the future! Scrubs sold out steadily so I will be making an extra batch of those this next time as well.

Shower Gels

Shower Gels did seem to sell out more quickly than usual, so I will be doubling these for the next release. 


I made a bit extra with the wax this time around, and there's still plenty left. I will be making more wax shot packs in the future, but keeping the wax production about the same as it is now. 

Aside from all of this, there is one other big change that has been implemented as of 2/1/2020. We will no longer be able to offer free shipping on any orders, unless there is a sales event where free shipping is offered. Due to the rise of shipping costs, it's simply become too expensive to keep up with, and as a small business we can no longer eat these fees. Thank you for understanding!

The next release will be 2/27/20 at 3pm CST!! 

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