Fo Shizzle Summer Sizzle Update

Fo Shizzle Summer Sizzle Update

Ayooo, it's the last day of June already!!! Where does the time fly?
I'm perfectly okay with summer flying by. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE summer. I don't like heat, I don't like the traffic, I don't like the high utility bills or gas costs....nothing about summer is good to me EXCEPT the food. I love a good cookout. With my summer rant said, one of the biggest downfalls of summer as a bath and wax business is the integrity of products upon their arrival to you, the customer. 
As you may have noticed, it's that time of year where we offer ice packs to put in your orders. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS FEATURE!!!! I've already had one order received a melted & collapsed whipped soap due to heat and I know how disappointing and annoying that can be. (Of course, it's still usable but this is not the quality we work to achieve). If you're ordering wax, whipped soap/scrubs, or bubble bars, it's HIGHLY advised that you take advantage of this feature. 
Aside from temperature related issues, all has been smooth on the Fo Shizzle Front! Lavish released their Royals theme subscription box this month so everyone who subscribes will be getting an awesome Fo Shizzle bath bomb in that box! If you haven't subscribed to Lavish Bath Box, you can check them out here:
The Trailer Park Boys "The Big Dirty" theme box was released this month, and there are currently only a small handful of them left! The boxes will be split into individual products for sale as of mid July if these last few don't sell by then. These boxes are currently marked down on sale! 
For the month of July, you can expect a restock very early in the month. The Pride Bombs will be sold through the month of July since we had a late start for June, and 25% of the proceeds of each bomb will be donated to the Magic City Acceptance Center at the end of July. For more information on MCAC you can check this link out:
There will be old items leaving and new items coming! Depending on the rest of the summer, there's a chance that whipped soaps/scrubs and wax will be sold at a very limited quantity next summer. As for this summer, wax is being made when possible (gets the house hot FAST). There will be another theme box released closer to the fall. 
Be sure to follow our social media accounts for more regular updates and news. Links can be found on the bottom of the page when you click the social media icons. Thank you for a great June! Here's to an even greater July!!

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