Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

We've made it through another year! Cheers to us all for pulling through one of the hardest years a lot of us have ever gone through. We at FSMF are proud of you! 

As we enter our 6th year in business, I'm sad to say as a business owner I can no longer do this full time and make the money needed to not only keep FSMF running but also pay my bills and support my family. We will be having smaller, less frequent restocks this year thanks to the repercussions of Covid-nomics. We've seen an incredible amount of inflation and shortages within the industry over the past year and there's really no relief in sight. Because of the cost of running FSMF, I will be working outside of the house a couple days a week and focusing on FSMF the other 5 days of the week. I'm truly excited to see where this year takes us, regardless of the cut backs. 

We are planning our final rebranding by summer/fall of this year! We will be rebranding to Peachy Marie Cosmetics as we dive more into makeup and other cosmetics. We are expecting to launch an eyeshadow and lipstick line by fall 2022. Where does this name come from? Peach/Peachy has been my lifelong nickname among my family, and Marie is my middle name! Easy to remember and looks good on a makeup pallet! 

As for present time through spring? We will be having less frequent launches with smaller batches of products made so inventory will be a lot less available from this point on. We will be offering the following products at this time: bath bombs (solid and bagged), bubble bars, whipped soaps/scrubs, shower gels, wax melts, lip gloss, nail polish, press-on nail sets, & customs in nail sets and polish ONLY. If there is anything being added or removed, we will let you know!

Since we are making less inventory, we can cut some of our costs and in turn cut some of our prices! Although we no longer have a rep program, you'll still be able to save with us. Sign up for our mailing list for direct updates regarding sales/flash sales, exclusive offers for subscribers, release updates, and more! (Sign up is on the bottom of the homepage).

Our next release is 1/20! Get ready for Valentines Day themed products! 

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