Happy New Year! What's New This Year?

Happy New Year! What's New This Year?

Welcome to the RAWRING 20's!! I wanted to drop this quick blog post about this years changes being put into place. 


I had made mention previously regarding all shipping services raising rates this month. Because of this, we've had to implement our own changes. One of those is how free shipping is offered. Previously, we offered free shipping on orders of $75 or more. That is now raised to $90 or more. I was WANTING to add a weight limit, but unfortunately Shopify won't allow a weight limit when I have the free shipping applied as price based instead of weight based. If orders become too expensive to ship for free, I will unfortunately have to get rid of this feature and only offer free shipping during certain sales events. A decision will be made within the next month or two. 

Also instead of shipping prices being based off of weight categories, all orders will now be charged more accurate shipping based off of the actual weight of your order. Please keep in mind, the further away you live from Alabama, the more expensive shipping will be due to the distance the package has to go. This is not something us small businesses can dictate or prevent, as this pricing is based off of actual rates based from the shipping provider. We will continue to use only USPS Priority Shipping until further notice. We are looking into cheaper shipping via UPS as a second option, but a decision on that will not be made until the future. 



In the past, I would try to have a couple restocks a month. Due to rising demand, restocks will be once a month towards the end of every month. This allows a lot more time to get more product made, so things won't sell out as quickly and EVERYONE can have the opportunity to get what they want. The first restock is still TBA later in January, but I am AIMING for around January 23rd. An exact date will be announced by the second week of January. Please understand that I am having wisdom teeth removed on January 10th, so there will be a few days that I will not be active as I heal. Thank you for understanding. 

The first restock of the year will be a Valentines Day / Anti Valentines Day Restock!! Get ready for product previews on our social media channels very soon! 

With shipping costs rising, some of our ingredients have also gone up in price, especially fragrance oils. There will be a very small price increase on products this year to help cover the raise in costs for us small businesses. Don't forget that we DO offer Afterpay as a payment option! This allows you to make payments every 2 weeks on your order rather than having to pay it all up front. 


I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! Here's to a new fresh decade. Cheers!

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