Hello, Spring!

Hello, Spring!

I'm a couple of weeks late on this months blog post; it's been a busy start to the year! We're in some pretty uncertain and anxious times right now, so I'll begin by addressing the big fat contagious elephant in the room - COVID19, and what we're doing to not only keep ourselves protected, but also you!

Business As Usual

FSMF always strives to keep the environment clean, safe, and organized. We use sterile equipment, PPE such as masks, gloves, aprons etc, and we NEVER work while feeling under the weather. I, personally, have chronic bronchitis. Because of this, I'm always extra careful to keep my home, work area, and self maintained and clean. At this time, our suppliers are still working like usual (and are ALSO taking preventative precautions), so our supplies don't seem to be at the risk of running low at this time. On a personal note, I am currently practicing social isolation. While we DO allow local pickups, at this time, you can contact us ahead of time to request your order be left on the porch for your pickup needs. 

Monthly Release, & How These Have Changed FSMF Operations

We've now had time to see how these monthly releases are going to work out, and I'm not regretting the decision at all. This has definitely allowed us more time to make a lot more product without feeling rushed, and things didn't oversell like they have in the past so there was no need to issue any returns! We'll be continuing this pattern for the foreseeable future. The next release will be 3/31 at 3pm CST. ***SIDE NOTE*** This past month was the first time we've ever fallen behind on Turnaround Time. I appreciate everyone's patience this last month. We are currently back on track and will be back to our 1-2 day TAT unless otherwise announced at this time.

We're starting production on the March Release today, so in the next few days, you'll be seeing some previews on social media! Everyone, please stay safe during these scary times. Be sure to follow our Instagram for some bi weekly contests to help ease the stress of this pandemic! The first one started today. 

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