Holiday 2021 Updates

Holiday 2021 Updates

Happy Holidays to you and yours from your friends at FSMF! We have a few updates to bring you this holiday season. First we'll discuss the most relevant of news; Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

We are NOT having a Black Friday Sale, as this feels more like a physical store thing. Cyber Monday was created for online shoppers, and since we're an online retailer, we will be having a Cyber Monday sale with some awesome deals and surprises!

Cyber Monday Sale starts Midnight CST on Monday 11/29 and will end at 11:59pm CST Tuesday 11/30. ALL domestic orders will receive FREE SHIPPING, and there will be items marked down on sale in the shop so discount codes beyond that will be disabled. Our favorite offering is our Cyber Monday Exclusive Prototype Mystery Polish for $8 (limited to 3 per person as supplies are limited). We will be debuting our Effect Toppers in this fun mystery listing! Effect Toppers are clear based with glitters and flakes that you can apply on its own, or on top of other polish colors for fun effects! They are only available through this deal at this time, but will be available for purchase in the shop starting in December, along with our Glossy Clear Top Coat. (Scented & Unscented Available). Check out the listing on the home page to see the descriptions of all the possible polishes you can get! While we cannot guarantee requests, we can at least try, so don't hesitate to leave a note on your order; just understand it's not a 100% guarantee you will receive what you requested. 

As for news for the further out future: as many of you have witnessed this year, small business has taken a huge hit due to multiple factors such as inflation and a big cut in sales since a lot of people are struggling to even buy what they need to survive. We understand that a lot of people don't have that extra money to spend so we have offered discount codes through brand reps for the past few years. That program is sadly coming to an end as of December 1 2021. We can no longer accommodate constant 15% off discounts at this time, but hope to be able to bring it back in the future once the economy regulates itself. The 10% off Thank You promo code will still be available, but will no longer be unlimited use. Use it when you need it most - it will be limited to 5 lifetime uses at this time. The 10% off Welcome promo code will also remain for new customers, however that one has ALWAYS been single use only so no changes there. I will be lowing prices just a tiny bit, and we will still continue to offer services like Afterpay, Sezzle, and Shop Installment Payments via Shopify. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these hard times. We've almost faced shutting down a few times this past year and are trying our best to stay open for your guys, so this was definitely not an easy decision for us to make. 

We will have more updates in the near future for you! Until then, be sure to read our last blog post regarding rebranding to catch up on the most recent news besides this post. 

Happy Holidays! Be safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones this weekend. 

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