It's The Most BUSIEST Time of The Year

It's The Most BUSIEST Time of The Year

The 2019 holiday season is upon us already! This year just FLEW by, I swear....

Most people associate this time of year with family, friends, food, festivities, and relaxation. For us at Fo Shizzle My Fizzle, however, this is probably the most hectic time of year. If you were one of many who tried to participate in this weeks restock, you'll know just how hectic we mean; Bath bombs sold out in a little over 5 minutes! So that's the first thing we'll be addressing today.

Getting Cart-Jacked Sucks!

I can't even begin to express how shocked I was to see things start selling out almost instantly. It's crazy to think that at one point, this was all just simply an idea but has blossomed into THIS. (I'm beyond humbled, so thank you again.) While this is a great feeling for a small business owner like myself, it also left me feeling sad because I knew there were so many excited people who weren't able to get what they wanted. I'll be changing some things in the near future to prevent this from happening again. 

First of all, as of the new year, we will be switching over to once a month restocks. These restocks will be massive; several batches of each product made to ensure everyone will be able to participate and not have to worry about missing out. These restocks will feature products that will only be available for purchase at that time. Batches will not be recreated for the next months restock. This means each restock will have NEW products! 

As for this past restock, I didn't plan on having another restock until around Dec 2, but I will be working hard this week to get a few small batches put in stock right on time for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend event. I DO still have to finish the rest of the Mean Girls collab items this week so Mama Bass can get those shipped out soon, so that will be the main focus this week, but I'm confident I can have that done in literally 1-2 days. 

This next planned restock in December will have the rest of our holiday line out as well. New bath bombs, bubble bars, and more!

What's the Plan for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend?

Regardless of how much I'm able to get made, I'll be having an event starting at Noon CST on Fri Nov 29th that will end at midnight on Mon Dec 2. This event will offer an automatic 25% off at checkout! No codes needed; codes cannot be stacked. This would be a great time to utilize that free shipping on over $75!

I will be putting the products I get made this week into stock at the time of this sale starting. This will be a mini restock in essence. If you missed out on this past restock, this will be a great time to try again. 

The Next Restock

As stated before, the original plan to have another restock with the new holiday items was supposed to be around Dec 2nd. This will most likely be pushed a week to around Dec 9th. Please follow our social media for regular updates regarding this next restock. 

This restock will be restocking sold out items AND introducing a few more new ones. There will be a final restock at the end of the year sometime between Christmas and New Years Eve. These restocks, I will have as much made as possible but they will not be as massive as the monthly restocks that will be taking place starting 2020. 

At this time, I've ordered an extra 50lbs of both baking soda and citric acid to get through the holidays, leaving me with a little over 100lbs of each at the moment. This will allow wiggle room for making extra batches as time allows. 

Thank you once again for an incredible restock this week! I'm excited to see everyone start getting their goodies. 


Also. We missed Fo Shizzle's 3rd birthday earlier this month! (That tells you how busy we've been over here.) So HAPPY BELATED 3RD BIRTHDAY, FO SHIZZLE MY FIZZLE!! Can't believe we're starting year 4 of this wild adventure already. Here's to many more years!

Cheers xx

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