October 2021 Updates & News

October 2021 Updates & News

It's our favorite time of year! We certainly have a lot of updates to share, so let's get right into it. 

A lot of you may have noticed a lack of solid bath bombs this summer. We have NEVER experienced such a volatile summer in our almost 5 years in business. We operate out of our home in north/central Alabama, and our house is an older house without central heat or air. Because of this, we have 3 window units throughout the house, as well as 2 large dehumidifiers that keep the humidity to a manageable level. We have a very picky recipe, and if it's too humid, our bath bombs will balloon up. If it's too hot, they won't stick together and turn to dust. This summer, heat was our issue, so we just made bath bombs in bags to keep everyone's fizzy cravings satisfied. Now that autumn is upon us and the climate is starting to get more in control, we've finally been able to start making solid bath bombs again! However, we now run into another new issue this holiday shopping season. 

The dreaded shortages and inflated costs of supplies. 

You may have noticed your favorite brands having to raise the price of their bath bombs this season. None of us ever want to do this, but at this time, it's hugely necessary. We are seeing a very costly citric acid shortage at this time. Before this shortage, we were getting 50lb bags of citric acid for less than $70 before shipping. Shipping added, you were looking at about $90 for 50lbs of citric acid. Due to this shortage, at this time, a lot of suppliers aren't even selling 50lb increments. The ones who have it available are charging over $200 for 50lbs BEFORE shipping. So right now 50lbs of citric acid is looking more like $250 instead of $90. Please bare with us and understand the rise in prices during this busy holiday shopping season. We do try to stay as affordable as possible, but this is something we simply can't avoid or work around as this is an irreplaceable component of bath bombs, and is also necessary in some other products some businesses may make. 

The cost of fragrance oils have also seen a bit of a price hike. 

Another issue we are seeing this season is our incompetent Postmaster General slowing down service of USPS parcels while raising the cost of shipping for the holiday season. Some parcels may be seeing a 2-4 day delay depending on where it's shipping to and from. With the holiday shopping season coming up, we will likely be seeing even longer delays. (Remember last holiday season? Yikes....) So please give your packages plenty of time before asking vendors to follow up or claim your package is lost. This will be a season of necessary patience. 

Aside from those few negative updates, we do have some happy updates! The updates we actually enjoy sharing.

We are back on track with a ready-to-ship restock schedule. At this point, all items are being made before the restock is set live, and the only wait is the 2-4 day period we wait on payments to process to be able to buy the shipping labels. For example, we had a restock last Thursday - all orders were shipped yesterday. So back to our quick turn around time finally! Thank you all for sticking with us through those delays we had last year and earlier this year. 

We dropped our nail polish line in early July this year and we have been super pleased with the support of this new product. We are, however, looking for a couple of experienced swatchers with decent followings and active pages on multiple social media platforms. We especially need a few BIPOC swatchers, as we promote a brand for EVERYONE and we would like for our customer base to see how our products will look on everyone's skin tones. If you are interested and would like to put an application in, please contact us at foshizzlemyfizzlebath@gmail.com or feel free to message us on social media. 

We will be having more frequent restocks through the rest of the year. Our next restock is being planned for around the 15th-20th of October, so look out for updates via social media, or join our mailing list! (Bottom of the home page). 

Lastly, at this time we are integrating to a new Afterpay payment portal. If you're trying to use Afterpay as your payment method, you may see 2 Afterpay options come up at checkout. If you click one and it doesn't work, please use the other one. We are currently waiting for Afterpay to contact us back regarding removing the old gateway. Thank you for your patience! 

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