Our Response To Covid-19

Our Response To Covid-19

Hello, Friends of Fo Shizzle! This post has been long overdue, so we apologize for the late response to the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis.

What Precautions Are We Taking?

It's business as usual here at Fo Shizzle My Fizzle. This business has been run out of our home since day 1, and we've ALWAYS taken extra precautions in terms of sterilization, cleanliness, etc. All surfaces, tools, bowls, etc... are being sterilized and cleaned before and after use as always. This has been, and always will be, a standard in our business. We NEVER work while feeling under the weather. We always work masked. We are always thinking of your safety and our own. If there's ever any questions regarding our work space, methods, or anything else, we're always happy to discuss any questions via email! You can reach us at foshizzlemyfizzlebathbombs@gmail.com

Will you be closing down at all?

At this time, no. We are not seeing any shortages in supplies with our suppliers or anything, however we have been experiencing some shipping delays with ingredients. Due to these delayed shipping times, some releases may be delayed over the next few months depending on the behavior of our suppliers. We've taken the steps to stock up on a lot of essential supplies to hold us over. 

With that said, although we're trying to conduct business as usual, there are a few things that will be changing until further notice. 

- There will be no acceptance of wholesale or bulk orders until further notice.

- There will be no acceptance of pre-orders or holds FOR ANYONE. It doesn't matter if you're friend, family, new customer, or existing customer. Please do not ask us to hold anything or prepay for anything at this time.

- There will be no acceptance of custom requests. We're always receptive to suggestions for future scent blends but since some suppliers are having delays and/or issues, we don't want to take on a project that may not be able to be completed. 

- Releases will be going as usual - once a month. This month (April) is an exception due to a delay on our essential ingredients for the month. A second release will be happening this month on the 16th at 5pm CST.

- Flat rate of $15 on orders of $100+ (Domestic) has been suspended until further notice. We unfortunately cannot afford paying any shipping costs out of pocket at this time. 

- We will be suspending overseas shipping as of 4/7/20 until further notice. We've been having issues with packages being delayed in customs or sent back due minor errors in customs forms (Example: saying 'Samples' instead of 'Bath Bomb Samples'). Unfortunately we don't get refunded for these used shipping labels that don't make it to their destination, and we took a huge financial hit last month due to this. It's best to let the current situation simmer down before continuing overseas shipping. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Shipping to Canada is still available until further notice. 

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at this time. We understand the stress and uncertainty of these troubling times, and we're doing everything we can to stay in operation for your needs. Please keep in mind that Afterpay is a payment option that's great for those who may not have as much expendable income at this time. We do offer multiple discount codes through social media as well! Thank you all for understanding and keeping us going. 

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