Price Slashing, Shipping Changes, & Smaller Batches!

Price Slashing, Shipping Changes, & Smaller Batches!

As you may have heard through our social media, we are taking FSMF part time for now! We have had to enter back into the workforce as small businesses sales continue to decline, so we won't have nearly as much time to put into FSMF. We are NOT closing down, but we are limiting operations.

With these limitations, we are also slashing prices for the foreseeable future since we are able to lower our profit margins! We once had to rely on these sales to pay rent, bills, and living expenses on top of keeping operations in order, but now we are only needing sales to cover the cost of keeping the business running. 

We are not only decreasing prices, but we have changed the free shipping structure for domestic orders. We were offering free shipping on orders $125+, but we have lowered the threshold to orders of $80+!

Price changes on products are as followed:

Bath Bombs - WAS $2.50 - $3.00 per oz / NOW $1.25 - $1.75 per oz

Wax Melts - WAS $3.25 per oz / NOW $1.75 - $2.25 per oz

Whipped Soap - WAS $8 for 4oz / NOW $6 for 4oz

Whipped Scrub - WAS $8.50 for 4oz / NOW $7 for 4oz

Nail Polish - WAS $12 - $14.50 per 15mL Bottle / NOW $10 - 13 per 15mL Bottle

Top Coats - WAS $10 per 15ml Bottle / NOW $9 per 15mL Bottle

Nail Polish Mystery Boxes - WAS $18/$36/$65 for 2/4/6 pack / NOW $16/$34/$59 for 2/4/6 pack

Shower Gel - WAS $15.50 for 8oz / NOW $12.50 for 8oz

Body/Hair Glitter - WAS $2 per g / NOW $1 per g ($12.50 for 1/2oz / $25 for 1oz)

Lip Gloss - WAS $8.00 for 8mL / NOW $5 - $6 for 8mL

Bubble Bars - WAS $3 per oz / NOW $2 per oz

We hope these savings will help you be able to keep enjoying your self care routines! We understand a lot of people are currently feeling the squeeze of inflation and the rising cost of living - we are doing what we can to keep your self care affordable! Thank you for your continued support through these tough times! 

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