Sold Out ALREADY?! Yeah, That's Been Happening A Lot Lately.....

Sold Out ALREADY?! Yeah, That's Been Happening A Lot Lately.....

Bummed that you couldn't make an order? I'm bummed for you! But I'm also super humbled and honored that y'all are enjoying these products so much that they're selling out in literally minutes! I've been implementing new practices across the board to try to prevent selling out so quickly, I promise. This last restock, I went through over 150lbs of baking soda, almost 100lbs of citric acid, loads and loads of fragrance oils, you name it. While ordering my ingredients the other day, I went ahead and doubled my usual shipment so I'm going to take some extra time for this next restock to make even more products at once. This last restock, I did triple and quadruple batches of most products to make sure there would be enough for everyone. I'm going to DOUBLE these efforts for the next restock!

To help save time during production, I've been 'training' my amazing boyfriend Devin to help me. If it wasn't for his help, I wouldn't have had ALL restock orders shipped the next day. I'm going to train him on packaging products and labeling next, so instead of having to take production days off to make time for wrapping and labeling, he can be doing that while I'm making ever MORE products. Keep in mind a lot of us indie brands are 1 man/woman powerhouses. I understand the frustration of hectic restocks and not getting what you were really hoping to get so believe me when I tell you I'm doing everything in my power to make this a less stressful shopping experience for you all. On that note, I will give you this shopping advice:

1. Always check the Scent Description page ahead of every restock to review scents of products to see what you'll be interested in buying once restock begins! That saves you time from having to browse while everyone else is throwing items in their cart and checking out. 

2. I also make sure all NEW listings are posted prior to restock so you can go over pricing to prepare for your order. Keep in mind that orders over $75 ship free (if your promo code brings your order under $75, you'll need to add additional items to get it back to $75). If you're unfamiliar with our shipping prices, please feel free to visit the FAQ/Policy Page and scroll towards the bottom to view the shipping chart! Shipping can get pricey, but unfortunately we match prices with USPS as they raise their prices. Also remember you can now use Afterpay to make your orders and pay 4 equal payments every 2 weeks instead of the whole thing up front. This process is fast and easy!

3. Follow our social media (especially Instagram, as that's our most active platform). There's always a lot of valuable information, previews, and sometimes even contests, giveaways, and exclusive promo codes or sales! You can also check out any of our brand reps on Instagram to get additional savings by using one of their promo codes! 

I AM considering going into pre-order mode in the future. So how would this work? I would begin making select products for each restock. I will give previews of products and release a time frame that people can order from these pre-order sales. The products will be a limited number for each, so they'll either stay up until they're sold out or after a certain time frame (say a week). The shipping times will be made available when you're purchasing from the pre-order sales, but it won't be next day shipping like these RTS (Ready To Ship) restocks like I've been doing up until now. I will be aiming for a 2-3 week ship time with these pre-orders since I need time to produce, package, and ship. With any extra's made left over, I will have a RTS restock to sell off these remaining items. These RTS restocks will still ship next day/2 days as usual. This will not be implemented until late this year or early this year. Let me know how you feel about this! It may be a longer ship time, but you'll be more likely to get what you want. 

With that said, I'm SO glad the weather is FINALLY getting to normal fall weather. Believe it or not, we've still been having 100ºF days even these first few days of October. I'll be jumping into work for the next restock early this next week as I wait for ingredients to come in the mail (I have a couple custom orders to handle first, but those will take a couple hours tops).

Also another big update is an upcoming collaboration box with one of my favorite vendors and new friends, Lane of Mama Bass Handmade Soap! We will be releasing the pre-order of our Mean Girls theme box which will start shipping in late Nov/Early Dec. There will be several items from both of us; from me you'll see a bath bomb, face mask, shower gel, and wax! She will be hosting this box, so purchasing will go through her (I'll post the link when it gets closer to that time.) She usually does NOT ship internationally but will be shipping internationally for this box, so my international customers CAN get on this one! 

Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have a solid restock date available for you all. Keep in mind I always keep the next restock date pinned to the top of the website here, and in the bio of our Instagram page! I hope everyone who got to order enjoys their new products! Thanks for an incredible restock. 

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