Spring Update

Spring Update

Helllooooo Spring! And friends! Doesn't feel much like a happy spring for many, I'm sure; we're still facing a historical pandemic along side so many other crazy moments. We're still here working hard to help bring a little happiness to you!

Shipping Changes

Overseas shipping is still temporarily suspended, except to brand reps. Overseas shipping will resume most likely in the next few months. Customs has been overwhelmed and shipments have been getting lost and denied. This can be a HUGE financial hit for a small business. We ARE still offering shipping to Canada at this time, as we've not seen any delays or issues there. 

Speaking of shipping, if you are local and would like to order, you no longer have to use a special code for free shipping on your order! Shopify has started a new feature for us, and you can now choose "Local Pickup" at checkout! This allows you to use a different promo code to take advantage of sales or rep codes. I was SUPER stoked when they announced this feature because we've been seeing more and more local orders come in lately. I hope this makes it easier for a lot of you!

Temporary Gift Cards

Typically, Shopify does not offer gift card sales unless you purchase a more expensive plan with them; because of this, we've never offered gift cards because it doesn't justify spending double what we already do a month. Due to the pandemic, Shopify has temporarily extended this feature to ALL types of plans. I'm not sure how long this will be extended, but even when Shopify ends this promotion, your gift card purchase WILL still be valid and useable until your balance has reached $0. These gift cards do not have an expiration date. Get one for a friend, family member, stranger, or even yourself! Don't see the amount you want? Please email us and we can make a custom amount for you!

How Releases Work

As shop traffic has steadily risen since late last summer, we've been making a lot of changes to how we do releases to give enough time to make triple the amount of product to prevent selling out so quickly. In the past, I have single handedly ran this business from the ground up. I am VERY happy to announce that my boyfriend Devin has been able to quit his job to work with me full time! This is a huge step for FSMF, because that means MORE HANDS = LESS WORK! We will be moving away from the once a month releases and will be having releases every 2-3 weeks. These releases will also bring products back instead of them only being available for that specific release! You will know a product is leaving if it is marked as FINAL BATCH. The only thing NOT changing is how wax is released; this will continue to be released as a once a month basis, and all batches will be final. 

Please Mind the Policy Regarding Limits

At the top of every listing, there is an announcement repeating the new policy as of 2020 - This policy states that only 3 of each item is allowed per person, unless stated otherwise. Some items may even be limited to 1 per person if it is a limited edition item. This policy has been put in place to make things fair to EVERYONE. If this policy is not respected, the additional purchased items are refunded and restocked. This isn't put in place to be mean or unreasonable - this is put into place because we are a small business and can't meet bulk demand while keeping everyone satisfied. We apologize if this seems like an inconvenience. If you are ordering for multiple people, it is HIGHLY recommended that you encourage your friends and family to make their own orders so they're not missing out or taking away from your own stash! This also allows them the opportunity to sign up for their own account with the points program so they can earn points and rewards on their own purchases. 

Other Random News

A lot of suppliers have been seeing a huge delay in deliveries. At this time, we are seeing delays up to a week after purchasing supplies for them to even be shipped. Because of this, release dates may have to see adjustments here and there to meet these time constraints. We appreciate your patience during this time. We're hoping to not see any shortages in the upcoming months. 

We will also soon be introducing a Wax Shot Nostalgia Pack, with 8 scents from past releases! We were going to do it this month (May) but will be doing it in June instead, making this a twice a year thing. That means the next won't be released until December! When these drop, they will be limited to 1 per person.

With the warm months coming, you will be able to add ice packs to your orders again starting this month! You can choose how many to put in your order based off the size of your order. These are great, especially if you're ordering wax, bubble bars, or whipped soaps/scrubs. (At this time, we are not making much whips/scrubs, but will be in the future). 

That about sums it up for this update. We will be working on a wholesale order for Lavish Bath Box this month again, so be sure to look for us in this months subscription! Stay safe & healthy, friends. 

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