The End of a Decade

The End of a Decade

We're almost there, friends! Not only the end of another year, but the end of another decade. There were great times, there were terrible times, there were happy times, & there were heartbreaking times. My life has changed in SO MANY WAYS over the past 10 years between leaving an abusive marriage, having my whole life flipped upside down, leaving a life of drugs and partying, watching friends and family around me pass away, and meeting the love of my life who helped me get my life back on track. This next decade will just get better, and I thank everyone who's joined me on this journey of growth and change. 

This next year will also bring a lot of growth and change not only to MYSELF, but to the entire entity that is Fo Shizzle My Fizzle. As of January, we'll be having once a month restocks instead of 2 or 3 a month. Traffic has grown a lot this year and I'm willing to do what it takes to make sure no one is missing out and everyone gets what they want during restocks. This next restock on the 17th will be the last of the year! The first restock of 2020 is yet to be announced. These restocks will most likely be in the beginning to early-mid month every month. 

I've had to do some adjusting to shipping this month because some people were being over charged in a lot of cases, and keeping up with refunds with this much traffic can get chaotic so I would rather eat some shipping costs myself. I know that they're raising shipping again in January so there WILL be another adjustment sometime next month but I'm hoping it won't be by much. I truly hate that USPS and others keep raising prices more than once a year with no government limits or caps on how much they can charge us. It's getting out of hand and I know it can get very pricey on the customer end, so be sure to take advantage of the free shipping on orders of $75 to avoid paying more in shipping. 

With the once a month restocks, understand that products available for one month WILL NOT make a return the following month. There will also be limits set this next restock - no more than 3 of each item per customer. This will prevent hoarding type behavior and others being unable to have a chance at ordering something that one person ordered several of for one order. I always appreciate the business and enthusiasm, don't get me wrong! But the amount of messages I get from disappointed customers becomes a bit overwhelming and it sucks so I'd like to avoid this behavior as of the new year. 

On a fun note, I'd like to do a Top 10 of the Decade List blog post on New Years Eve. If you have any recommendations of what Top 10 lists you want to see, you can either comment on this blog post, or let us know via email or social media!! Deadline for entries will be 12/29/19.

RIP Juice WRLD 12/2/98 - 12/8/19

Photo credit - Steve Cannon

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