Update Regarding Current Orders Being Delayed

Update Regarding Current Orders Being Delayed

Happy Halloween, friends! It's been a long time since I last posted to the blog on here. I typically do all my updates via social media, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok for daily updates! (Links can be found on our FAQ Page).

For those of you who may not follow us on social media, you're probably wondering where the hell your order is right now. I can completely understand any frustrations, and I accept full responsibility for my lateness. As a customer to many small businesses myself, I expect people to stay on their advertised turn around time, and being behind makes me feel awful. However this delay is something that could not have been predicted, nor prevented. 

In my mid 20's, I was involved in a car accident involving a semi. I do have permanent injuries from this accident, and have always had to take special precautions in this industry. I have someone do the heavy lifting for me as to not hurt myself. Unfortunately this year pushed me to my physical limit, and I had the absolute worst flair up of Sciatica this month. The first 4 days, I was barely even able to walk. It's now been 8 days since the flare up began, and I am just now able to walk like normal and sit down without being brought to tears. I am still having some issues with range of motion and bending, but I am WAY better than I was a week ago. 

Since my physical health is seeing an improvement, I am currently slowly easing myself back into work. I will have these late orders starting to go out Monday, and they will continue to go out through Saturday. These orders will all contain a free gift as an apology for being so late. 

I also have a preorder starting tomorrow 11/1 (ending 11/7) for 3 different tiers of wax advent calendars. I will be starting the production of these right after I have all of these orders out, and they will ship well before Dec 1. I'm aiming to have a 3 week TAT (from the 1st) with these. Here are the details of the upcoming advent calendars:

There will be 3 types to choose from, and all calendars will contain a 1oz mystery wax shot for each day, as well as some extra goodies. The 12 Days of Christmas Advent will have shots for 12/14-12/25, the Countdown to Christmas Advent will have shots for 12/1-12/25, and the Countdown to New Years will have shots for 12/1-12/31. Check our social media for an exclusive code that not only gives you 10% off of your purchase, but also a FREE EXCLUSIVE bath bomb! Preorder will start 11/1 at Noon CST and end 11/7 at Midnight CST.

I am once again so sorry for the delay with the Halloween orders. I simply can't apologize enough. If you are waiting for an order and have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at the customer service email - foshizzlemyfizzlebathbombs@gmail.com

Have a safe and spooky Halloween! 






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