We Are Rebranding In 2022!!

We Are Rebranding In 2022!!

Hello, friends!! We have a very important update. We are in the process of rebranding and will be transitioning now through early 2022. There's a few things we won't be able to do right away that will take time, such as changing our shop name through Shopify and getting our URL changed over, so please be patient with these changes. 

The reason behind the rebrand stems from a couple different things. Firstly, it was recently brought to our attention that the name Fo Shizzle My Fizzle could be viewed as tone deaf and culturally insensitive, as it can be seen as something making fun of, or appropriating AAVE (African American Vernacular English) or other vernaculars. This is something we never once took into consideration, but we understand and respect this observation and would prefer to rebrand as not to cause any harm to the BIPOC community. FSMF has been and always will be a brand for EVERYONE, so we are offering our sincerest apologies if anyone has found this name offensive at any time. Your voice and feelings are valid - please don't ever hesitate to reach out to us about anything! We are a business, but we are a small business and we do actually care about the customer here.  

Secondly, we as a brand have outgrown our original name. The reason we used the play on words that we did was a reference to our bath bombs, aka fizzies. We started as a brand that ONLY made bath bombs, and over the years we have expanded into so many other products that this name almost doesn't make much sense with some of these products, especially things like wax or nail polish. We feel changing to FSMF - Fantastic Soaps, Mani's, & Fizzies better encompasses what we offer as a company. Keeping our initials will help the existing customer base identify us, and we hope new customers enjoy this change as well! 

We truly appreciate those who were brave enough to speak up and give us your feedback regarding this. We are humans behind this business; humans with flaw who continue to grow and learn everyday. We appreciate this opportunity to grow, and also urge others to use this as a time to reflect on things we may say or do that may be seen as harmful or hurtful to others cultures, especially during these rough holiday times. Thank you for your continued support! 

-Erica McGuire

Owner FSMF

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