We Have A New Mailing List! And Other News

We Have A New Mailing List! And Other News

Hey guys! There are a couple of things we wanted to touch on with this update. First we wanted to start with the new mailing list!

We've been in business for over 4 years and have never really utilized mailing lists until recently, and we really hope you take advantage of it because there will be some really cool features and advantages for our subscribers!

In this day and age, it's really hard for a small business to grow without the help of social media. Unfortunately, social media has been seeing its share of hiccups lately with how inconsistent algorithms have been. A lot of our followers actually do not see our new content unless they directly visit our pages. Because of this, we want to utilize a mailing list to be able to reach you faster so you don't miss out on things you may be looking forward to. 

We will keep this mailing list as simple as possible. We do NOT plan on sending out frequent and spammy emails. The emails you receive on this list will be minimal yet necessary. The last email that we sent out to our subscribers had a full comprehensive list of what was coming and what was leaving for this last restock on the day of said restock, as an example. This blog post will NOT be sent out, but future ones may depending on the level of importance in the post. 

A cool advantage for subscribers will be EXCLUSIVE flash sales, codes, and even mini releases that you'll be able to call DIBS on. Theses are flash sales and codes that will NOT be announced via social media. 

Now speaking of social media, there is an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed in hopes of ending, if not at least limiting, this type of communication and behavior. 

There has been an influx of spam messages on social media (particularly Instagram), and spam emails from people "wanting to collaborate", or in another words, get free stuff in return for "exposure". (I am truly saying this in the nicest way I can) - WE ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT INTERESTED. Please stop asking. 

We do have brand reps across social media. These brand reps are regular customers who pay for their orders like everyone else, but they offer their followers a promo code and get a personal discount for their work. It is INCREDIBLY important to us to have people represent this brand who truly BELIEVE in the brand, know it inside and out, and have proven to be positive members of the self care and indie bath/cosmetics/wax community. If you are truly that interested in Fo Shizzle My Fizzle, you are always welcome to make an order using one of the many discount codes floating around the social media universe - or subscribe to our new mailing list for exclusive sales and promo's! (All of these emails and messages are marked as spam, and you will be blocked immediately, just a heads up.)

Also a quick sneak peek announcement - We WILL be doing something special for 4/20 so look out for that announcement soon!

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