Welcome Back, Rep Program!

Welcome Back, Rep Program!

Late last year, we had to remove our rep program for a few reasons, the biggest being financials. We are very happy to announce that we are now able to revive our rep program, and have brought on some fresh faces! Welcome our 6 new reps on Instagram and 1 new rep on TikTok!! Our reps will provide 15% off discounts for their followers, so be sure to follow their social media accounts for updates and codes. On Instagram:

@andrewmels (MELS15)

@ashley.not.furniture (ASH15)

@color_my_naturalnails (NAILS15)

@homeostars (STARS15)

@my.ado.about.nothing (ADO15)

@polishwithamber (AMBER15)

And on TikTok:

@queen_of_baths_ (QUEEN15)

Their codes can be used on orders of $15+ and will give you 15% off! Domestic orders will get free shipping on orders of $90+. 

We will have more updates for you soon! Feel free to email us with any questions until then. 

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