What's Coming This Fall? Changes and More!

What's Coming This Fall? Changes and More!

With only a couple days until Halloween, Autumn Equinox is less than a month away. With the change of seasons comes changes in the Fo Shizzle kitchen. From new products to variation changes, there will be a LOT going on over the next month. 

New Products Coming, Old Products Going

As you can see from all of the Final Batch items, there's going to be a LOT of new things coming as of the next restock (currently TBA). I DID get some extra products made that were not put into inventory on time for this restock, so they'll be put into inventory on Halloween (VERY early morning), and everything will be 25% off at checkout to make room for new products coming! Details will be posted on social media as exact plans are made. 

As old products leave and new products arrive, there will also be size variation changes. 4oz sizes of Shower Gels, Whipped Soaps, and Whipped Sugar Scrubs will no longer be an option. We will be changing to 8oz sizes only! However, since this cuts back on supply costs (no need to buy smaller containers anymore), this WILL lower the cost of 8oz items. Price changes will be:

Current Shower Gel (8oz) - $14.50

NEW Shower Gel (8oz) - $13.00

Current Whipped Soap (8oz) - $13.00

NEW Whipped Soap (8oz) - $11.00

Current Whipped Sugar Scrub (8oz) - $14.50

NEW Whipped Sugar Scrub (8oz) - $12.50

Wax Shot Assorted Packs were also tested this restock. These will be making a return for now. These wax assortment packs WILL change every restock, but these WILL continue to be 1-per-customer items. Wax shot amounts and price of assortment is subject to change each restock. Amounts of shots per pack/price will be determined by how many waxes are available in the store at that time. Packs will most likely consist of a shot of each available wax. Kinks will be worked out over time with this item. 

Whipped Body Butters will also be making their first appearance soon! These will be colorless to avoid adding too many additives to my current recipe. 

Shower Steamers will soon be coming back as well. Yes, that includes our fan favorite Sinus Blaster Shower Steamer (although this may be seeing a name change.) The size/appearance of shower steamers will be changed this year too, so be on the look out!

Shipping Policies & Clarification

This is actually a big one I need to touch on, as USPS continues to raise shipping costs on us. Yes, prices are seeing an increase. Right now, I'm not too sure if/how much ours will raise, but we WILL be keeping the free shipping on orders over $75 (Domestic Only). 

Regarding combing orders - In the past, there has been a combined shipping code given. This will no longer be an option. Combing orders is not always an option. If you make 2 orders, and they both come to $75 after being combined, you will no longer get free shipping with those orders combined. To be clear on shipping policy, the free shipping on $75+ orders is for SINGLE ORDERS ONLY, not combined multiple orders. There have been incidents where people want to combine orders and get free shipping, and their combined orders end up in multiple boxes. Multiple boxes means multiple orders. The largest box we have on hand are 12x12x8 which can hold upwards of 10lbs. These large boxes can cost between $10-$17 to ship depending on where in the country they are going. This is too much money for a small business to eat. Therefor, from this point on, shipping overages will manually be refunded when shipping labels are printed. If orders are combined, the weights will be combined and shipping overages will, once again, be refunded once labels are printed. Thank you for understanding. If there ARE questions regarding shipping policy, do not hesitate to email for clarification.  

Who Doesn't Love Discovering New Music?

Did you know that we've been re-branding our products to all be song names? Most of these names are metal, alternative, indie, rock, etc... based song names. Ever wonder what some of these songs sound like? Very soon, we will be hosting a Shopify Playlist available to the public! This playlist will contain every single song that our products have been named after, and will have songs added as new products are created. Not a big metal fan? Then take this as an opportunity to broaden your musical pallet. Once this playlist is created, the link will be made available on our social media pages, Linktree, and there will be a link here on the home page of the website.

All restock orders have been dispatched at this time. Remember there will be a 25% Halloween sale on the 31st! This will be an all day event. Products will be put into inventory early morning on the 31st. 

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