Mystery Prototype Nail Polish List

Have you purchased a mystery polish prototype or mystery box and want more info on the polish you purchased? You can find that info here! Can't find your polish? Email us and we can provide you the information that was on that listing! (


#001 - Color shift pink/coral/gold shimmer base with holographic & pink glitters

#002 - (Magnetic) Color shift pink/gold/green shimmer base with silver metallic flakes 

#003 - (Thermal) Purple (warm) to a light blue/lavender (cold) base with pink & blue glitters

#004 - (Magnetic) Lavender chrome shimmer base with holo-flake pink glitter 

#006 - Color shift ultra chameleon chrome blue/purple/copper/green base with blue & pink glitters

#007 - Dark turquoise jelly base with color shift copper/gold/green ultra chameleon chrome flakes

#008 - Deep nude pink cream base with color shift red/green/gold ultra chameleon chrome flakes

#009 - Iridescent white cream base with blue/purple/pink color shift & diamond glitter (I nicknamed this one Moon Polish)

#010 - Deep blue jelly with color shift red/green/gold flakes

#011 - EFFECT TOPPER: Color shift red/gold/green flakes in a clear jelly base

#012 - Silver holographic crelly with blue opal flakes

#013 - EFFECT TOPPER: Color shift violet/green/pink flakes in a clear jelly base

#014 - Color shift red/bronze/copper shimmer base with a touch of holographic glitter

#015 - Light blue crelly base with silver holographic glitter

#016 - Dark purple crelly base with purple shimmer & purple holographic glitter

#017 - Bubble gum pink cream base with color shift red/pink/green shimmer

#018 - Dark pink jelly base with a black/silver/pink/purple chunk glitter blend 

#019 - Lime green cream base with silver holographic glitter

#020 - Turquoise jelly base with blue/pink/silver/white chunk glitter blend

#021 - Magenta cream base with pink and purple shimmer & pink and blue holographic glitter