Mystery Prototype Nail Polish List

Have you purchased a mystery polish prototype or mystery box and want more info on the polish you purchased? You can find that info here! 


#001 - Color shift pink/coral/gold shimmer base with holographic & pink glitters

#002 - Color shift pink/gold/green shimmer base with silver metallic flakes (Magnetic)

#003 - Purple to Light Blue/Lavender base with pink & blue glitters (Thermal)

#004 - Lavender chrome shimmer base with holo-flake pink glitter (Magnetic)

#005 - Black holographic base with black and silver holographic glitter

#006 - Color shift ultra chameleon chrome blue/purple/copper/green base with blue & pink glitters

#007 - Dark turquoise jelly base with color shift copper/gold/green ultra chameleon chrome flakes

#008 - Deep nude pink cream base with color shift red/green/gold ultra chameleon chrome flakes

#009 - Iridescent white cream base with blue/purple/pink color shift & diamond glitter

#010 - Deep blue jelly with color shift red/green/gold flakes

#011 - EFFECT TOPPER: Color shift red/gold/green flakes in a clear jelly base

#012 - Silver holographic crelly with blue opal flakes

#013 - EFFECT TOPPER: Color shift violet/green/pink flakes in a clear jelly base

#014 - Color shift red/bronze/copper shimmer base with a touch of holographic glitter

#015 - Light blue crelly base with silver holographic glitter

#016 - Dark purple crelly base with purple shimmer & purple holographic glitter

#017 - Bubble gum pink cream base with color shift red/pink/green shimmer

#018 - Dark pink jelly base with a black/silver/pink/purple chunk glitter blend 

#019 - Lime green cream base with silver holographic glitter

#020 - Turquoise jelly base with blue/pink/silver/white chunk glitter blend

#021 - Magenta cream base with pink and purple shimmer & pink and blue holographic glitter 

#022 - Violet crelly holographic base with multicolor flakes

#023 - Light blue crelly base with blue/white/yellow matte glitter & blue/green hex glitter

#024 - Gold/red/violet holographic color shift base with red/gold/green color shifting flakes (Magnetic)

#025 - Purple/blue color shift base with holographic glitter

#026 - Red/pink color shift base with black & holographic glitter

#027 - Green/gold color shift base with red/orange/gold glitter

#028 - Red to Yellow base with red/gold/green color shift flakes & blue/green iridescent glitter (Thermal)

#029 - Black to Malachite Green base with violet/green/pink/gold color shift flakes & holographic glitter (Thermal)

#030 - Red/purple/green chameleon base with fuchsia & royal blue flakes

#031 - Red/blue/orange chameleon base with gold holographic glitter

#032 - Blue/violet/red/orange chameleon base with lavender & purple holographic glitter

#033 - Purple/blue/red/green chameleon base with holographic green flakes, multicolor metallic flakes, & holographic glitter