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Custom Nail Set Deposit | Press-On Nails

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This listing is how you start the custom nail order process! This $10 is a nonrefundable deposit that covers the cost of your size kit + $5 off of your final set price. You will be sent a sizing kit so we can get your accurate sizing for your custom set. Please fill out this form to let us know what style/length you are wanting your custom set in. 

Custom sets start at $18-$20 for basic one color sets with a matte or glossy finish.

What factors into the cost of a custom set?

1. Length - Short styles will be cheaper than Long or XL sizes simply because they require less product and time to complete. 

2. Detail - If you're just doing a basic one color set, this is a quick easy job for the most part. If you're wanting marbling, ombre, smoke effects, hand-painting, decals, foils, gems, etc. - these things also contribute to the price. 

3. Time - This goes hand in hand with detail. The more detail you want, the more time that goes into making your set. If a set takes 8 hours to complete and has a bunch of bling and detail, it's likely not going to be cheap.

Average pricing on custom sets typically range from $40 - $150. It is fully dependent on the forementioned three factors above. 

If you have nail inspiration pictures, you can send them to us and we can let you know if this is a design we are confident in doing. Custom sets will NOT be made until payment is made in full. Once we have your sizes and we have confirmation of design ideas, we can quote you a price and after agreement, make a custom listing for you to purchase your custom set.

All sales are final. Please be aware that results will not always be identical to nail inspo pics sent to us.